Liberty does not have a “Breakfast Club”

Natalie Gress, Perspective Editor

Throughout my four years at Liberty, I have observed an extremely strong and unique relationship between faculty and students. Sure, “we are one” but I find that the community of Liberty is truly united by a common and basic respect for one another.

Liberty is nothing like the Shermer High School portrayed in the classic 80s coming of age film The Breakfast Club. Besides our school’s lack of such extreme stereotypes, no student is treated solely on what their résumé or transcripts reveal. Students here are treated like adults if they act like adults, and if they aren’t afraid to ask for it, students have the opportunity to be mentored by their teachers, counselors, and faculty. We don’t have a tyrant Mr. Vernon, assistant principal running our school and suppressing our opportunities.

No student is ever solely labeled a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, or a criminal. Although we do have Saturday detention, and are encouraged from time to time to make better choices and wiser decisions, no one here at Liberty is going to be threatened by their teachers.  The people guiding us have our best interests in mind, not just because it’s their job but because they truly want to lead us to our full potential. Those endless homework assignments are supposed to prepare us to meet deadlines that a future supervisor may give us. Tests and quizzes are tools to challenge our comprehension of the information we learned. Group projects and team sports prepare us for working with others and valuing diverse ideas. Ultimately our resources are available to encourage us to make mature and well-informed decisions. Don’t be afraid to use them and please appreciate them.