The annexation of the 600 building

Jordan Carlson

Due to construction of the new building, the 600 wing has been left alone out in the boonies of liberty. Liberty High School is being remodeled and is currently in the last phase of the project.

The area being remodeled is the main classroom wing where all core classes are located. This building is located between the science wing and the 600 building which contains manufacturing and art classes. With a large empty space, a person now has to walk outside around construction instead of straight through a nice warm building. Since the buildings are no longer connected, simple connections no longer exist. Connections such as heat and air conditioning, internet, and intercom are no longer in effect. As I can testify to this having to go to the 600 building for the first 3 hours of the day at 7 o clock in the morning the experience has been extremely cold and frigid. Temperatures fluctuate from freezing capabilities to a Sahara desert sauna. The construction workers were trying to fix the heat problem. For, a substitute they provided the classrooms with space heaters. For a short while all those taking classes in the 600 wing were annexed from the rest of the school. Weather makes travel to the building a struggle. Heavy rains cause those to run through puddles on their way to class. In the wood working room machines have been found to not be working or mysteriously broken. It has been said that certain construction workers have used the tools for their own personal use. The band saw is a vertical blade that runs in the center of a table meeting perpendicularly. While no student was currently using the machine, somebody used the saw and managed to break the cast iron welds connecting table to the machine. Also, multiple wrong orders of sand paper have left the planer sander dysfunctional. The 600 building life has proved itself as a struggle and is slowing showing improvement.