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The United States is not the only country in the world

Most colleges require that you spend two years in a foreign language class before they will admit you. Most people breeze through those two years and never think about them again. Most students never think about the courses again. Most students are throwing away a huge chance.

Deep inside the US, we tend to forget what the rest of the world is like. I’m not just talking about the language that is spoken, but the culture that you are immersed in. French, Spanish, and Japanese all offer unique opportunities for students and should definitely be taken advantage of.

Another key point of taking a language is its immediate application. Unlike most other courses, you can walk out of a language class and apply what you have learned immediately. You may know someone who speaks a language or perhaps even visit a foreign country. Either way, the applications are infinite.

If you know someone who fluently speaks another language, you most likely think it is cool, and why wouldn’t you? It’s very impressive to be able to speak another language, and it is always a great attribute to have. Employers will want you to work for them and the opposite sex will surely flock all over you.

Before completely checking out in your language class, know what possibilities you are passing up.

The chance to learn a foreign language is something that we can’t take for granted. It’s rare and in the real world is very expensive.

Let’s stick it out an extra year in French, Spanish or Japanese. You could learn something important that could save your life, help you out, or perhaps prevent you from ordering some weird dish in a restaurant that doesn’t speak English. Learn another language today Dream it; do it.