Let it snow, let it snow

Nate Jarvis

Every year at the start of December the weather always changes and you get into the holiday spirit. During this time the anticipation of a winter wonderland of snow has all students waiting for that call that gives them a school closure or a delay. This year has been very misleading for the first half of the month.

The people I know that own I phones all ways are excited that their phones tell them that there is a whole twenty percent chance of snowing on Tuesday. So every time it seems like the entire student body is waiting for a heavy dumping of snow on that day. Although once that specific day comes around nothing seems to happen. We wake up scramble to the window with the anticipation that inches upon inches of snow have covered the ground and the reality is always nothing. The ground looks the same as the night before and a sense of disappointment at the world come over you and always ruins your day.

The best part about the disappointment is that students still believe what their phone says about the weather. I think that the problem with many students is that we are too attached to our technology that we don’t ever stop and observe the world around us. So many times during the week that it was supposed to snow there were no clouds in the air and no moisture. The problem is that the environment didn’t have the right ingredients for it to snow and I don’t think that people actually noticed the weather itself.

So there is a big lesson to learn about anticipating the snow. It’s simple: don’t. It isn’t worth getting all worked up on something that might not even happen. I’m not saying don’t hope for things but just make sure that you are sure that these things will happen.