An A- does not mean the end of the world

Connor Cherry

I have overheard statements similar to this one throughout my three years as a Patriot. “I am so upset with myself, I got an A- last semester. My life is over.” Now this got me thinking, why do people complain about these grades? An A- is a great grade and if you only have one or two A-‘s and the rest of your grades are As, you still have an excellent G.P.A. So these complaints need to stop.

Now don’t get me wrong, getting low scores can be the most frustrating thing ever. We all have been in that boat at one point or another during our high school career. However some are in this boat more than others. Many of our fellow Patriots are not as academically strong as others. So when you complain about scores that are exceptional, it comes across as being very pretentious. If you get the score you didn’t want simply keep it to yourself and no harm is done. It also feels bad to the people with lower scores when they hear people complain about high scores. It lowers confidence in their own ability to perform in the class if they hear scores higher than their own being complained about for being supposedly to low.

Just because you get one or two A minuses does not mean your aspirations for getting into that dream college are destroyed. It is not the end of your educational world as you know it. Don’t be so hard on yourself. If your other grades are at your standards you will get into the school that you want. One A minus will not kill your chances of achieving success post high school. So the next time you get a high score and you are bummed, keep it to yourself, it would be most appreciated.