We are the beat

Sara Bluhm

Last year we rocked the beat, this year We Are the Beat. The American Heart Association is back for round two and Liberty High School has a title to uphold. Last year a week of various spirit days, class competitions, and school wide donations united the school while raising money for a good cause.

In 2012, Liberty High School was ranked as number one for the west coast in the American Heart Association’s Red Out Week by raising $8,000 in total. With the new year the bar is raised even higher, challenging the Patriots to raise a grand total of $11,000 in the 2013 We Are the Beat Red Out Week , all the donations go to the American Heart Association in order to help fund research and reduce death caused by heart disease and stroke

“This year we are bringing back the school wide coin drive competition. It proved to be a Patriot favorite last year after a majority of the donations we collected came directly from this event. This year the coin drive competition between the grades is back and I think it will be more heated than ever,” Sophomore Danni Messina said.

At lunches there will be four large water containers marked with every grade and an ASB student standing at attention. Students are competing by grade to get the most points in order to win the most sought after prize of all. Bragging rights. Change is counted as positive points while cash is marked as negative. Students can bring coins from their jar at home to add to their class, or, if they choose, may sabotage the other grades by placing a bill in their container.

The competition is planned to run from December 16 through the 22nd, and the expectations have been set high.  In the end all competition is in good spirit and the Patriots will have the satisfaction of giving.