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Keep it up L’Café!

After two long periods of sitting in an uncomfortable desk with my stomach growling, the bell finally rings and I’m free to rush off to the commons. Despite the dark concrete walls, the smell of pesto draws me through the lunchroom to the inviting L’Café.

Upon entering I’m all my senses are bombarded. People rush around baking and cooking, yelling back and forth. The warm air from the ovens and the small of fresh cookies envelops me. As I move up in the line, the smiling faces of culinary students. I glance at the posters and menu. Chocolate mousse, pesto pasta salad, pesto melts and gluten free cookies present themselves before me. I buy the chocolate mousse and go back to my seat in the lunch room feeling completely satisfied.

Even on the days when the L’Café isn’t open, the coffee cart offers a much needed midday pick-me-up. We are so lucky to be at a school with such dedicated culinary students and such a great teacher. The quality of food at the L’Café impresses me every time I get a pasta salad or delicious dessert.

With the new facility and kitchen for the L’Café to reside in, the food is better than ever. Going in, I feel like I’m walking into a real café, not just the extension of a high school lunch room. The new appliances and extended space gives the new chefs room to work their magic.

This dedicated class is really stepping up their game. Even their gluten free cookies, a combination that would usually send me running in the other direction, were decidedly yummy.

So, on behalf of the liberty student body, who really appreciate the diversity in their lunch options, thank you L’Café for making lunch time a bit more tasty.