Frigid temperatures lead students to rely on blankets for warmth

Lorrin Johnson

When walking down the halls (or from portable to portable) of Liberty High School, the majority of students are at least somewhat equipped for the weather. Mittens, beanies, and scarves can be seen around every corner, and jackets are worn by many. Among these northwest winter staples, a new trend is on the rise.

Blankets have long provided warmth and comfort to those suffering from the frigid weather we experience daily. There seems to be nothing like coming home and snuggling up with your favorite blanket by the warm fire.

If the blanket experience is one so many people adore, then the question is, “Why do we only use blankets at home?”

Luckily the avant-garde students of Liberty have created a solution.

In addition to the gloves and hats seen around Liberty, one can often observe ambiguous lumps traveling across the campus.

Fortunately these lumps are nothing to fear; the forward-thinking students of Liberty are simply cloaked in their very favorite blankets, ready to take on the day with a new sense of fashion resembling that of a homeless man.

Some of the more sensible students have even taken the fashion statement one step further, focusing on convenience and practicality.

The “snuggie” can be seen on occasion, allowing the student to write and read with ease while still retaining heat.

One can only hope that their beloved blanket doesn’t escape there weary grasp, slipping slowly off of their soldiers and into the depths of a rain puddle.

It’s hard to say whether or not the blanket fad is here to stay, but for the time being we can all rest easy tonight knowing that tomorrow is a new day, holding the prospect that the same warmth and comfort we experienced while sleeping can be experienced at school.