When in need, Patriots give indeed

Neil Chakravarty

As December approaches, Patriots both old and new gear up for that giving season, and perhaps if they’re up-to-date on school events, they are aware of Liberty’s upcoming fundraiser for the American Heart Association and accompanying canned food drive.

Although I am sure most know that both charitable efforts went fabulously last year, I doubt that even the majority of students have a full appreciation of how much Liberty was able to give to those in need last year.

In the canned food drive, Liberty raised about seven thousand pounds of canned food for the Issaquah food bank; that is literally three and a half tons of food in total, or just over five pounds for every student at Liberty. In addition to its effort in the canned food drive, Liberty raised enough money through its Rock the Beat fundraiser for heart disease awareness to be ranked as the highest-raising school on the West Coast, and the third highest-raising school in the nation.

Even better than what Liberty has already done, is what it is trying to do next. This year, ASB hopes to raise more food than ever before, and shatter its previous year’s performance in the American Heart Association fundraiser.

It may seem strange to say, but Liberty’s giving spirit is perhaps the facet of Liberty that I am most proud about. Not only does our willingness to lend a hand to those who need it perfectly embody our emphasis on community, but the fact that we do it without all the disposable income that students at Issaquah and Skyline have helps me to know that I really do go to the best school in the Issaquah school district. I can’t wait to see what Patriots will throw together this year for those in need.