The chance to shine is all we seek

Tyler Ackerson

Sometimes students are given too much of a hand. Sometimes they are held back. Sometimes they are assumed to be incapable. This year’s winter show, The Case of Alex Hansen, will test eight students’ abilities as leaders, as it will be student produced: senior Mina Massey will direct, senior Eric Spradling will design both lights and sound, senior Natalie Gress will be responsible for costumes, senior Samantha Stewart will create the props, senior Katie Simmons will stage manage with senior Jasmin Davis and sophomore Lauren Whitley as her assistant stage managers, and senior Tyler Ackerson will design and lead the building of the set. The cast is, as usual, comprised of students, too. The one staff member with a role in the show will be Katherine Klekas who will be the producer and advisor.

This will test and push these student’s ability to work together to create a full-length show. It will allow them to get a taste of how professional theatre’s work. It will allow them to gain an appreciation for the adults who spend many hours behind the scenes putting together the other large productions.

I believe opportunities like this should happen more often. Chances to branch out and gain experience as a leader in someone’s areas of interest are valuable. The prospect of taking a leadership position is something many student’s work hard to gain, but are limited in their openings. Expanding these opportunities should be something that is on the fore front for the school’s extra-curriculars.

Other departments such as ASB, journalism and yearbook are student led year round and the experience gained is extremely valuable. People are able to learn responsibility, cooperation, and skills that will be valuable in their later career paths.

If the show succeeds it will be a win for student led actions. It will show that we are capable of more than what others believe.  I hope to see you all there and I hope you will enjoy the efforts your fellow patriots will have spent.