Patriot’s parking lot poppycock

Mackenna Briggs

After a long day of learning at school, all I look forward to is getting home and eating some food as fast as possible.

But this speedy exit is often prevented by those few (actually several) individuals who flock to the center of the parking lot and decide that that is the most suitable place to socialize. So I sit and am forced to wait for these students to finish their frivolities and recognize that they have caused a buildup of cars behind them – all of whom are also aggravated and also sit and wait for these students to wake up to their surroundings.

But they never do.

Cars begin to slowly circle around the crowd of people when, suddenly, that one oblivious person runs in front of the car to join the mob like it is the most important place they could possibly be at that moment. Excitement emanates from the mob as more people join and it begins to get bigger and wilder.

They climb on top of parked cars; actually the car doesn’t have to be parked for them to jump on it – a moving vehicle is a fantastic replacement for them to jump on if a parked car is just too far away.

They graffiti parked cars with maxi-pads as their paint. They run back and forth across the space designated for cars to drive through. They jump (or try to) into moving cars, only to have them stop the car to get out. They stop other cars – who are trying to get through – to socialize, unmindful of the cars waiting behind them.

And yet again, cars are prevented from leaving the parking lot.

People, there are better places to hang out after school. Please stop inconveniencing the people who just want to go home and cuddle with their four cats and eat some food watching Grey’s Anatomy.