Unfair scholarship opportunities

Kalie Murphy

We all have to fill it out- the part of all standardized tests and college applications that is marked ‘racial specification’.  This is the section that determines whether you are eligible for any extra scholarship money because of race and heritage.

Don’t get me wrong- race and culture is very defining for people. They are characteristics that are integral for one’s identity, and how an individual lives their life.

But they should not be part of how public universities determine admittance for schools or eligibility for scholarships.

When looking at schools, there are scholarships offered for Native American, African American, or even Latino, but it would be a rare situation to find a white scholarship. Furthermore, if such a scholarship was brought to light, many people would fight the existence of that scholarship, claiming it to be racist.

Private schools and organizations are well within their right to provide scholarships for certain races, but that right should be extended for white children, not just African American or Latino.

These universities are nation funded- a public institution. Just like the separation of church vs. state, public universities should also separate race and state. We have decreed as a nation not to judge based on the color of one’s skin, and providing monetary or educational advantage to students in order to compensate against past racial crimes is not providing a solution to a problem.

Our nation has a dark past when it comes to racial crimes. It seems most of the nation has moved past such horrific wrongdoings, yet if we had truly moved past the situation, race would not be a question or issue when it comes to college, scholarship and even job applications.

Admittance to schools, and being offered funds should be based on skill. The best individuals should be given preference – always.