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Waivers: Useful or not?

Waivers are that craved period that students have wanted ever since freshman year. They’re an hour and a half of bliss where one isn’t required to learn, but can go off campus, hang out, or watch TV. But that isn’t what they’re meant for, so why aren’t we using them to their full potential?

With all these jobs to be done, it would make sense that seniors would be doing all their homework, so that they can spend their valuable after school hours hanging out with friends or participating in sports and more.

Waivers are meant to be utilized for doing homework, writing essays, and working on college applications in order to free up time during a hectic after school life. Students should be working hard, so that after school they can fully dedicate themselves to extracurricular activities.

More often than not though, they’re used for going off campus for food, sleeping in, going home early, or overall just wasting time. People aren’t bothering to put effort into classes, instead putting effort into eating, and waiting for restaurants to open so they can eat. But that’s not what they’re for!

As seniors, this year is crazy, but it’s not the time to continue to slack off while college deadlines loom closer, and people get swarmed with homework and techniques to pass their AP tests. It’s important to continue to work hard and not let senioritis take over, instead, working and dedicating oneself to whatever classes they’re taking.

Seniors, pay attention, it’s time to start working, time to start taking control of homework, and classwork, time to get the best grades ever to get into the that dream college. Don’t let seniorities take over; utilize the waiver! They were meant to be used for work, so that’s what they should be used for.