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Inspired people inspire people

The importance of staying inspired and motivated

High school life is stressful. Sometimes it’s hard to find a single hour to relax without worrying about the next test, next game, next shift, or next essay.  Have you ever noticed how much more difficult a week is when there’s no football game to look forward to or no plans for your next weekend?

Motivation is defined as the reason or reasons we hold for doing things or behaving in a certain way. With our worlds constantly spinning, keeping in mind our motivations has a significant role in our success and happiness.

Maintaining motivation is of importance in all levels of high school. Freshman; as intimidating as high school may be, you are finally beginning the search for who you are and even though it may not seem like it now, your grades this year do make a difference. Sophomores; you’re caught between stages in high school, but don’t forget your ability to make a difference and get involved. You have so many opportunities.  Juniors; you are at the peak of your academic experience in high school. Although school may start to drag you down, staying inspired and continuing to try your best will make the year less stressful and much, much more enjoyable. And seniors; senioritis isn’t a real thing. Let’s make our last moments here meaningful.

We’ve all experienced the cycle: no motivation leads to procrastination, which leads to stress, which leads to fatigue, which leads all the way back to no motivation. The scary thing about this cycle is that if it occurs too much and too often, greater risks like sadness and depression can start to take over lives.

Some of us may say, “I know my inspirations.” But, do you really? Do you take time in your life, even if that time may be short, to recognize and appreciate the things and people that push you to do your best?

I challenge you to think about this. Stay inspired and enjoy your time in high school. As it’s said, inspired people inspire people. Let’s create a chain reaction.