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More spaces for safety

The construction situation at Liberty is… less than par. And the aspect of Liberty life that suffers the most is student parking. Administration and construction officials need to take into consideration the next couple years that this aspect needs much more attention than it has been getting.

For those not lucky enough to win a parking lottery or pay the fee for a semester pass in time, parking on the streets off campus is the only option if driving to school is a necessity.

Some may argue that the need for more parking has been fabricated by students that are not already using resources already available to them. Most freshman and sophomores are not legally allowed to drive and a district-wide bus system picks up any and all students needing a ride to school.

These arguments are valid. However, the need for students to access resources available only before and after school is not fabricated. In the last three years of high school, it is difficult for students without the ability to stay after or before school for help on homework or sports to keep up with the rest of their class. I know that as a junior without a car, my lack of after-school access eats up many of my lunches with make-up quizzes and math help. The new activity buses available can be useful, but they arrive much too early for any make-up test to be taken. Sometimes off campus parking is the only option.

The problem is that off campus parking is dangerous.  Cars are always getting hit and scratched. New drivers attempt to parallel-park, but only get their cars stuck in ditches. The extent of parking also makes it easier for sophomores to sneak off campus at lunch which makes Mr. Kinsley’s route that much longer, therefore decreasing the security of our campus and our students.

Construction is important, but so is the safety of our students. Leave more room for parking.