Patriots on the Grind: student coffee service

Desi Arnaiz, Senior Writer

During Flex, students from Jamie Carpita’s class deliver coffee and other hot drinks to teachers around the school. Students make, pour, and deliver beverages to their customers with their signature Patriot Grind stamp. 

So far, seven students have participated in the service from the class this year. Over the six years this program has been up and running, approximately 30 students have participated. 

“I like stamping the tickets, that’s my favorite part,” freshman Annabelle James said. “My mom makes the recipe, then I pour it in the cup and put whipped cream on top.”

The coffee recipe was made by James’s mother and is assembled by the students using the equipment in their classroom. 

The coffee service does more than just help teachers get their caffeine boost in the morning. It also helps students develop fine motor skills that are used in everyday life. Fine motor skills are small movements that we do to complete specific tasks. For example, typing.

“Another good occupational skill is pouring,” teacher Bri Macri said. “Practicing pouring the shots of espresso into the cups can be kind of tricky.” 

Not only does this program help develop fine motor skills, it also prepares students for jobs in the future. This program was originally instituted in 2018 by Liberty’s last occupational therapists Amanda Weinberg and Crystal Stanley. The program was then passed down to Macri and Carpita. 

“It feels like we’re working at Starbucks,” Macri said. “We pride ourselves on being very hygienic like you would in any coffee shop. We practice washing our hands, keeping our hands away from our face, and keeping our hair back with our hats.” 

One teacher who participates in the coffee service is Eleonor Schneider. During Flex, Schneider orders her signature drink. 

“I love getting a hot drink in the middle of the morning,” Schneider said. “Aand I love interacting with the person that delivers my drink.” 

In addition to the teachers enjoying the coffee service, the students do as well. 

“The students take a lot of pride in the beverages they make and enjoy making deliveries all around the school,” Macri said. “They love it!”