RVC sees growth in Liberty sales

Kade Ecker, Staff Writer

Caffeine has long been a staple in high school halls, helping students stay alert and awake for their long day of classes. 

Just off of 128th Street in the parking lot near Subway, Rainier Valley Coffee, nicknamed RVC, resides as a drive-up coffee stand. When walking around Liberty before classes or after lunch, it’s not uncommon to see their signature clear plastic cup with a sticker of their logo and a blue straw. 

“I go to RVC since it’s probably the best out of all the other shops. They’ve got really good customer service and they’re very nice,” sophomore Charlie Newton said. 

Regarding customer service, baristas at RVC stated that they tend to schedule more people on Wednesday mornings, as a result of Liberty’s late start, and have been adding more baristas during lunch periods in order to accommodate the influx of students. 

“Last year me and my friends would go during lunch everyday; I like how it’s so close to school and easy to go to,” senior Allie Van Parys said. 

Van Parys is not alone– a poll of 175 Liberty students reveals that 49.7% of students go during their school day, with 53.7% of them saying that they go to RVC more frequently than they did last year. 

“Most of RVC’s customers are related to Liberty. Over half of our breakfast revenue comes from students,” RVC manager said. 

In addition to confirming that Liberty students have increased their sales, baristas noted that when Liberty is out of session, they tend to be much slower. 

There seems to be a correlation regarding the students’ affinity for the stand and the baristas that work there. However, some students disagree with the hype around RVC. The poll reveals that, on average, 79.4% of students go 2 or less times a week.

“I think their drinks taste like battery acid.They’re so bad,” sophomore Jocelyn Hood said. “The baristas are nice, but the quality of their drinks isn’t great.”

Aside from disagreements over how their drinks taste, most students had good things to say about the stand, drawn in by the convenience of its location.

Liberty customers have said that their semi-frequent stops at RVC have much to do with the quick service and community involved. Just over a half mile away, RVC is one of the closest places for students to caffeinate and grab a quick, easy meal at the same time, all within the time given during lunch. 

“I definitely choose RVC over any other coffee shop; I think they make everyone else look mediocre,” junior Summer Lane said.