Career Center cures college concerns!

Eleanor Briggs, Staff Writer

Stressed about college? Feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions that you have or will have to make your Junior and Senior year? Liberty can help!

Located next to the library, the College and Career Center (CCC) is an invaluable resource for all students at Liberty, not only the upperclassmen. 

Freshmen and sophomores can find information on their post-high school plan, whether your next step is college or not.

The College and Career Center can help you navigate the paths available to you. From essay help to financial aid to military recruitment, the CCC is an advantageous system designed to help Liberty students as much as possible through this stressful time.

 Stop by from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday, no appointment necessary.

If college isn’t for you they will guide you through other goals, from pursuing ROTC to owning a small business.

“The College and Career Center is to help you start thinking about where your interests might lead you,” CCC Specialist Becky Wachtman said.

If you plan on dropping by the CCC, consider filling out an intake form, located on the Liberty website.

“The intake form consolidates what the student is interested in, so we know what they are coming in to talk about,” CCC Assistant Jillian Moss said.

Every Wednesday morning, the CCC offers another resource. Representatives from different colleges come to Liberty to discuss application processes, campus, student life, and more. For more information, check out the CCC website or the flyers posted outside of the attendance office. 

The Center also encourages everyone to apply for financial aid, or funding if you don’t receive financial aid. College is expensive and trying to navigate the maze of paperwork and long documents can be incredibly taxing, but you don’t have to do it alone.

The  CCC can help you plan for the future, making the application process, scholarships, funding, and other paths after college less daunting.