Finding your Passion in piano

Nicole Hume, Editorial Board

Having a hard time choosing classes? Do you not like singing or basic instruments, but want to learn music? Well, you just might be in luck. Next year, Liberty will be going through a number of changes, and one of them will be the addition of a new piano class. Erick Price, the Liberty Choir director, has recently obtained a new grant from the Issaquah School District to teach a piano class. This will provide for new keyboards so that all students can have an instrument to play.

Obtaining the grant was a difficult process, since it requires going through many steps within the Issaquah School District. Along the way, a person applying for a grant would have to prove the value of their class, as well as its benefits, innovation, and sustainability. This requires a lot of work and dedication to the class. However, all that hard work paid off with enough keyboards for every student to play the piano. 

​Like most things, it was a lot of paperwork. I had to write a grant proposal answering questions. I also had to get quotes from several music vendors and write a detailed proposal for all costs involved,” Price said. 

Currently, music classes are only offered in the form of choir, band, or orchestra. Liberty only has one non-ensemble music class right now, which is guitar. Since the guitar class was so popular, Price hopes that students will be excited for a piano class as well. 

The grant provides for a piano one class for beginners which will be dedicated to music reading, ear training, piano fundamentals, and music composition. Music composition is one that may interest many students, since it is not available in other music classes. Students do not have to know how to play, only a passion to learn is needed!

Students who have an interest in piano can benefit from seeing if this class is for them. When signing up for class, make sure to consider this new experience in music!