Crowded quarters: Two middle schools feeding into Liberty

Lucas Counts, Staff Writer

Social norms, classwork, and school culture. The transition from middle to high school often catches people by surprise. Next year, this change will be that much more complicated for incoming freshmen.

For the first time in Liberty history, starting in the 2022-2023 school year, students from both Maywood and Cougar Mountain Middle School (CMMS) will be coming up into Liberty’s ranks. Instead of around 400 freshmen, made up mainly of Maywood alumni, approximately 300 Maywood Chargers and 100 students from Cougar Mountain will be joining Liberty’s next freshman class in unison.

The Patriot Crew, made up of mainly upperclassmen at Liberty will be seeking to make the transition easier for freshmen come fall. “We have to start with making sure all students know they’re Patriots,” said Patriot Crew advisor and social studies teacher Brittany Fannon. “Our goal is to ensure that all students have a place at Liberty.”

 Another Liberty teacher preaches a similar message. “I need our Patriots to show unity. I need you to show the Patriot way, and if you don’t know what that looks like, let’s create it together,” ASB and Activity Advisor Michelle Munson said. There is a concern that Maywood and Cougar Mountain alum will be divisive with one another. “‘Othering’ will have no place here. Going to Maywood won’t make you better than kids who went to Cougar Mountain and the same goes for students going to CMMS. We will all be Patriots,” Munson said.

“We will all be Patriots.” Perhaps this is the proverb future students will need to hold onto.