Bringing school culture back to liberty

Nicole Hume, News Editor

Going back to school is one of the biggest challenges students have to face this coming year, and bringing back the school culture is a shared concern for students and staff. For more than a year, students have been unable to enjoy what makes up the high school experience: dances, football games, and even just having lunch with friends. For ASB and the administration at Liberty, a topic of discussion has been how to bring back Liberty in the next school year.

To the ASB board, school pride and how students will experience school pride is incredibly important to their plans for the next school year. 

“School pride allows people to be a part of something bigger than themselves and engage in their school’s community,” ASB said, and after months spent in quarantine, “we need to figure out how to “people” again.”

“Making Liberty a place where there is room for everyone, and where people can be supportive of one another is Liberty school culture,” Principal Sean Martin said. 

While it may seem that administration does not have a large part in building that community, they contribute to school culture as well.

 “As the adults, what we do is we take a look at what the students bring, and try to unite it and make it into a real plan that we can use,” Principal Martin said. 

Without students and their voices, both ASB and the administration would not be able to bring school culture back. “More than ever, we need commitment and support for one another as we bring back the Liberty we all love,” ASB said. “Sharing what you love and reengaging with Liberty will help bring the school back.”

 “Students have to choose to get busy again, and take part in student-led activities to share their own voice,” Principal Martin said. 

And according to Martin, new plans are in the works for Liberty. “This school was a center for the community before the pandemic. By bringing it all back here again, we can restart Liberty and implement new ideas that no one has tried before,” Principal Martin said.