Prom transformed

Rachel Matteson, News Editor

During a senior’s final year at high school, events are held to celebrate their journey and allow them to have fun before they graduate. Last year’s seniors missed out on one of the biggest events hosted by Liberty: prom. But the Class of 2021 might just be in luck. 

Various staff members and the Liberty Class of 2021 ASB Officers are currently planning Senior Night as an alternative event to prom. This event is scheduled to take place at the Liberty field on Wednesday, June 9. 

“We were planning to hold prom at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, but they don’t have approval to hold events yet, so we had to cancel that event,” senior class advisor Andrea Noon said. “We know that seniors want to celebrate together, so the goal is to make the Senior Night event spectacular with lots of the things that prom would have included as well.”