SAT and AP test expectations change

Rachel Matteson, News Editor

As students prepare for SAT and AP testing—tests which will be used for college credit and applications—there are many uncertainties and questions about what to expect. Testing locations, dates, and changes made to the tests are all factors that are under discussion. 

To remedy this, Liberty will be hosting the SAT School Day on Tuesday, April 13. 

“We are providing this opportunity for interested 11th and 12th graders because we know it has been challenging for students to find testing locations during this time,” vice principal and AP exam coordinator Erin Armstrong said. 

In terms of AP testing, there will also be in-person testing available—but only for certain tests. This year, there will be multiple formats and testing dates for the exams. Traditional paper-and-pencil exams will be administered in person, while digital exams can be taken at school or at home. Most students will be able to choose if both formats are available for a subject.

“Last year, we learned that some students benefit from being able to handwrite their responses, so the new schedule from the College Board includes additional paper-and-pencil opportunities,” Armstrong said.  

The location of AP testing isn’t the only thing that has changed. Unlike last spring, the College Board has stated that they will not be modifying this year’s tests; each subject will have a full-length exam. 

“Last year, instead of three essays and a multiple-choice test, my students only had to write one essay. All I had to do was focus on preparing them for that one essay,” AP Literature teacher Jennifer Dragavon said.

Trying to prepare students for the full-length exams has been difficult for AP teachers during remote learning due to reduced class time compared to in-person schooling.

 “Covering all the material in the time we have has been one of the most difficult things to do. We’re trying to teach everything and support our students while also not overwhelming them,” Dragavon said. 

Although there have been many changes and difficulties regarding SAT and AP testing, there will still be many opportunities for students to make up missed tests.

“If a student misses the SAT School Day, it is possible for them to take the test on April 27. For AP testing, there will be an additional makeup attempt for most exams after the last administration in June,” Armstrong said.