Forming connections through clubs

Vincent Le, Entertainment Editor

The closest social interaction most students get these days is through completing an assignment in a breakout room. That is, if they even speak to each other. 

There are many aspects of school that we are sacrificing this year due to Covid-19, like having live conversations in class. Pep assemblies, homecoming, sports practices . . . the list goes on and on. However, there is one social aspect of school that isn’t going away: clubs.

“Clubs are social organizations. They help students develop a positive self and create a sense of belonging,” Prism Club advisor Vicki Kenney said. 

Remote learning has placed a heavy focus on online education, but it is also important for students to develop friendships and a sense of community in these isolating times. 

 “While a focus on academics is important, I encourage Liberty Patriots to find balance, find fun, and find something new to do,”  activity coordinator Michelle Munson said.  “Clubs are a great way to become involved with a group of people who have something in common with you and to get a break from the academic grind.”

With life in quarantine, clubs offer a safe way to stay connected with peers. 

“I have heard students talk about their club with pride and view it as a place to gather with friends. When we know other people care about us and have a shared interest, we feel better about ourselves,” Kenney said.

One example of a club some students have taken interest in this year is Key Club, a club where students are encouraged to serve their community by volunteering at various service events. 

“Over the last two years, I have seen Key Club grow as a community within our school. Students are making connections with one another while completing service projects within our community,” Key Club advisor Madison Lakey said. 

Prism Club is another example of a club that has allowed students to connect with others, a club where allies and members of the LGBTQ+ community are given a safe, welcoming space to discuss and advocate for topics and issues within their community. 

Key Club and Prism Club are only two examples of the many clubs that are hoping to gain new members this year. Baking Club, Junior State of America, Art Club—all of Liberty’s clubs are looking for recruits to offer a fun and relaxing environment. 

Joining clubs for social interaction is not only more important than ever but also easier than ever. 

“Since we have been remote, students who would not have been able to stay after school can now join easily through Zoom,” Kenney said.