Liberty student awards: a pat on the back

Kaitlyn Keyes, Photography Editor

You’ve met the Charger Gold. Now meet the Liberty ‘Pat on the Back’ awards.
Liberty is working towards developing its school-wide recognition system such that it aligns with the new school-wide PAT expectations.
“We have created a card template that we will roll out next year where teachers can give students a ‘Pat on the Back’ when they want to recognize a student for meeting or exceeding a school-wide expectation,” Vice Principal Erin Armstrong said.
From there, students will turn in the cards to designated locations around campus. There will then be regular drawings and the students whose cards are drawn will be able to choose a prize from a menu of options.
These awards are being developed by Liberty’s Positive Behavior Social Emotional Support (PBSES) Team, with a goal of recognizing students for their positive contributions and engagement in Liberty’s school community.
“The hope is that students feel recognized for the great work they do on campus each day,” Armstrong said. “We hope to foster positive student-teacher interactions, help families connect with their students and staff members over successes, and reward students for embodying school-wide expectations.”