Get to know the new NJROTC command staff

“I’m the Patriot Company’s Operations Officer. I’m in charge of a lot of planning. I’m most excited about planning the Navy Ball. I’m going to be doing a committee to get as much of the unit involved as possible I know the stress of the position, and it’s an honor to know that Captain and Chief trust me enough to handle the responsibilities.”


“I am the new Company Executive Officer, and second in command of the unit. My job is to make sure our commanding officer has everything he needs to do his job, and ensure our department heads are doing their jobs. I was very proud to find out I was an officer. I’ve been here for four years, doing the best I can for the unit. It’s nice to be reciprocated for all that.”


“I am currently the unit supply officer. I make sure everything is being taken care of. I’ve been in the ROTC program for three years. I’ve been on the armed drill and air rifle teams. My goal is to make everyone in ROTC feel like this program is their home.”


“My job as the commanding officer is to look at a projection of where I want the unit to be, and then I give orders to the unit to get them there. There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with it, and I was really glad that Chief and Captain trusted me to do the job. I hope that cadets are motivated to continue the excellence that we’ve set forth.”


“As the senior command chief, I’m the link between all the enlisted cadets and the officers. I report directly to the commanding officer about how the unit is doing. I just want everyone to feel comfortable, and I want to encourage healthy competition between the platoons.”