Volunteering: an activity for everyone

Rachel Matteson, News Editor

Volunteers work daily to support our community. They’re around us even when we don’t realize it. They could be the person working the concession stand or passing out tickets to you. Schools and other community programs try to get citizens involved in volunteering, too. But why is it important and why should we care?
“It does take up a lot of time, especially if you commit to something that’s monthly or weekly, but the feeling you get afterwards is always more rewarding. If you get your friends to do it with you, it makes time go by faster, it’s more fun and you can make more connections,” senior Kelly Ferrera said.
The impact volunteering has on us also drastically affects our relationships with others. Volunteers, such as Vincent Ung, have expressed that they have connected with the people they volunteer with and have formed a fun, meaningful relationship.
”I volunteer at Briarwood as a voice mentor every Wednesday morning. I do this because it’s fun to talk with the kids. They enjoy our sessions together and it’s fun for me too,” Ung said.
Liberty students have an opportunity to get involved in volunteering here in our community through Liberty’s very own Key Club.
“I’d love people to know more about Liberty Key Club because it’s not exclusive, it’s inclusive of everyone and anyone can join. You don’t have to be a partner to participate in our events, you just have to let us know you’re participating so we can let the hosts know,” Ferrera said.
There are also other places to get involved. Some of these include the Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank, the Seattle Humane Society, and The Salvation Army.
The holiday season is a time about giving, not receiving. Volunteers are giving back to our community all the time and hope that you will give, too.