A strong range of dynamics

Rachel Matteson, News Editor

That’s right, they’re back! This year, the Liberty Choir is eager to get back together and put on a series of holiday performances. So far, they have been off to a great start (according to instructor Robin Wood) with caroling and school assembly performances. Their team dynamic has also greatly improved.
“The focus of the choir this year has been very good. Everyone has been working together and I think it came together faster than in previous years. Everyone is galvanized to the effort, they’re dedicated to excellence and bringing their best self,” Wood said.
The dynamic does not just come from them all working together. Each person brings something new and unique to the team.
“Put that passion, dedication and comradery together…that’s an unstoppable dynamic” Mrs. Wood said.
This year, the choir has moved further along in their studies than the previous year and has tackled difficult songs at an amazing pace. There has also been an entirely new addition to the choir program, the Patriot Choir.
“The Liberty Singers are definitely on the right path we want to set. Now, Patriot Choir is a brand new choir. It’s big, it’s a lot of kids coming together as one,” Mrs. Wood said.
On their own, this brand new choir has improved just as much as the Liberty Singers, and present their own powerful group dynamic.
“They have gelled as a team, beautifully, it’s a cool class. The kids work well together, they’re funny. I’ve laughed more than in years past,” Mrs. Wood said.
Together, Liberty’s choirs have developed into a strong team. Each student has a willingness to step out of their comfort zone and accept whatever challenge is thrown at them, and they’re excited to continue their winter performances.