50% Teamwork and 50% Prep makes 100% Math Champions

Allison Stucky, Entertainment Editor

Solve this: (-5-5i^3)(6+6i^2). Think you can solve that in a matter of minutes? 8 qualifying members of Liberty’s math team took on this problem and more in the state competition at Moses Lake High School in November.
It’s not easy to stay calm and focused under pressure and time constraints, but the team was on top of their game.
“I did feel pressure especially during, well, the pressure round,” 10th grader Sanjana Addanki said.
In the pressure round, teams get five questions, and each question must be answered every two minutes.
“Of course you have to know how to do the questions, but you also have to strategize to maximize your time,” Addanki explained.
Along with the pressure round, the math competition includes a series of tests, ranging from individual answering questions to team rapid-fire.
Liberty faced tough competition as well, going against rivals Eastlake and Skyline High School, their biggest rivals.
“We have to be prepared going in, knowing our competitors will
Despite the challengers and heat of competition, the Liberty math club came home victorious, with 9th and 10th grade divisions taking 1st place. The success is a result of the team’s hard work. Every Tuesday they go through old tests and work together to improve on problems they missed. They also collaborate during competition, dividing up the problems then checking each other’s work.
“We have a great system and strong teamwork. I have gotten to know a really great group of people and I’m proud to be a member,” Addanki concluded.