Peer tutors: they exist!

Benjamin Royce, Senior Writer

“I don’t know. Let’s ask the tutor!”
Peer tutors are here, and they’re eager to help students with any and all questions from Spanish to Calculus. Many students have a class with one of these teenage educators, but what exactly does the job entail?
A large portion of it is simply being available to those who need assistance.
“Whenever they have open work time, I’ll just walk around and help kids out with their work and ask if they need help,” Algebra I tutor Shannon Bergin said. “It’s fun interacting with the kids.”
Not only do these guides aid students, but they’re a crucial asset to teachers as well, who can delegate some of their responsibilities to a peer tutor.
“When I’ve had super large classes, they can go around and help groups like I can, so everybody gets help faster,” AP Calculus BC teacher Angie Kruzich said. “It’s a huge benefit.”
Being a tutor is not a cakewalk, however. Teachers and students alike expect these chosen few to have taken the class and excelled so that they can sufficiently assist others.
To those interested in undertaking this task, AP Chemistry tutor Allyson Mangus has a few words. “Pay attention in class,” she said. “When students ask you for help, you should give them answers relevant to what they’re doing instead of general responses.”
That said, both Bergin and Mangus agree that it’s a worthwhile experience.
“Be a peer tutor,” Mangus said. “It’s fun!”