Meet the NJROTC 2019-2020 staff

Amelia Nored, Editorial Board Member

Not everybody is cut out to be a NJROTC staff member. But this year, seniors Olivia Van Ry, Jacob Hill, Bruce Vagt, Christopher Lew, and Evan Rosenfelt have mastered the role of being leaders.
“It’s difficult, for sure,” Command Senior Chief Petty Officer Vagt said when asked what it was like to lead his peers. “Last year was especially hard, because I was telling seniors what to do. It was uncomfortable at times.”
This year, Vagt acts as a bridge between enlisted cadets and the staff members, helping to solve any problems the cadets have.
Van Ry serves as the color guard captain and commanding officer of the Patriot Company, supervising events and cadets. She runs practices for the color guard twice a week, and prepares the students for upcoming events. Van Ry noted the importance of NJROTC at Liberty, stating that people become better students and citizens through the program.
“Leadership is the biggest takeaway,” Executive Officer Lew said. Lew is Van Ry’s assistant, relaying information to the department heads and enforcing the unit’s policies.
Another member of the 2019-2020 NJROTC staff is Rosenfelt, the Unit Operations Officer. Rosenfelt plans events and activities for class. Also, he creates the Plan of the Week, a detailed itinerary with naval history facts on it.

Staff positions are assigned by Spears and Deehr. “Everyone is picked based on merit. Nobody is where they’re at because ‘it’s their turn’. Everyone earned their positions and puts in the work to earn them,” Rosenfelt said.
Hill earned his position of Unit Supply Officer. Hill’s responsibilities include supplying equipment and uniforms to the unit, as well as checking inventory. The uniforms that Hill issues out are used on Wednesdays, which is when all NJROTC members are inspected in a military style. Their uniforms are checked for neatness, and they are tested on military knowledge.
“Through this program I’ve learned that the most fulfilling thing about being a leader and member of society is watching everyone around you succeed,” Hill said. “This course is a leadership course, and leaders take care of their people above all else.”
NJROTC is about more than learning military knowledge. Above all else, it is a community where members can connect inside and outside of classroom 6102.