Back in it to win it: L’Cafe returns with Restaurant wars

Serena Sherwood, Editorial Board Member

If you had to ask Zarah Matsuda, Liberty’s culinary arts teacher, what her favorite menu would be, the answer is simple. “It needs to have a ton of variety, and a lot of options”. Fortunately, Liberty’s going to get that in the new menus being developed at the L’Cafe.
Following the idea of last year’s Restaurant Wars, the food options are going to be rotating every two weeks between different menus developed by the culinary arts students.
“Restaurant Wars was really fun to do. Just seeing lines out the door of an idea my class made was amazing,” second-year manager Caitlyn Croppi said.
Each student gets to develop their own menu to be sold, with possibilities ranging from Italian to Asian, and sports to movies.
“Making the menus is a very long process that us culinary kids love and hate. We have all these ideas, and putting them down on paper cultivates it into more of a ‘how am I going to make this something that sells’ idea,” Croppi said.
These menus will be put into place in November after they are created by students. They are going to help develop a knowledge about different cuisines, how to develop and run a business, and necessary job skills.
“There’s a lot to be learned in the program, and it’s gonna be a lot of work for the students, and a lot of fun, to develop these menus and get them running,” Matsuda said.
The first menu opening is themed on the american version of The Office TV show called “Dunder Muffin Food Company, inc.”. A notable menu item for the restaurant is a lemon jello with a shark gummy submerged into it. All of the menu items, according to Croppi, are sure to get a laugh out of any fan of the TV show and please any fan of food. Dunder Muffin opens in mid November.