What can’t Mr. Hood do?

Hallie Chen , Editor In Chief

He claims he has no secret powers, but he also knows the location of every item in Liberty’s inventory.
This year, Liberty’s long-time tech specialist and inventory wizard Benjamin Hood has settled into a new role. But while he’s new to the graphic arts and computer science teaching position, he’s no stranger to the curriculum.
“I was in the professional industry for over 20 years as a graphic artist and web designer,” Hood said.
Then, after six years working at Liberty, he decided it was time for a change.
“When I saw that there was an opportunity to teach courses in something I really enjoy, I wanted to give it a try,” Hood explained. “I’m expounding on my professional experience for my students.”
His past experiences undoubtedly give students a powerful look into a professional career in tech, but he still denies any superpowers he may have kept from his old role.
Even if he tried, he stressed, he doesn’t have the ability to shut down all Liberty’s computers at once.
“I have no secret powers,” he said, laughing. “Nothing secret. No.”