Black Belt Brett


Hallie Chen, Editor In Chief

Be careful approaching him out on the streets.
Liberty’s new counselor aid intern Brett Muskavage is a chef, Breaking Bad enthusiast, and one-time second-degree international black belt in taekwondo.
“It was when I was a kid, so don’t ask me if I remember any of that,” Muskavage said with a smile. “But, if someone came up to me on the street, I will definitely act like I could take them down.”
Although his background may seem intimidating, he describes himself as compassionate and understanding.
“I fell in love with working with middle and high school kids when I was involved at a tutoring center,” he explained. “So, I thought that it would be a good fit to become a high school counselor.”
In addition to completing his Master’s degree for that exact purpose, Muskavage is interning under Liberty counselor Robin Klym all of this year.
“I’m getting involved on a project with the Patriot Crew to give new students someone to connect with,” he said. “I’ll be seeing students on a case-by-case basis as well.”