Everything Liberty students need to know about flex time

Naia Willemsen, Spotlight Editor

The basics of flex time:
Flex time is time built into the day where there is no class. Students are able to work on homework, make up tests, quizzes, and labs, or have club meetings. It’s occasionally used for necessary school things such as drills, assemblies, and surveys.

Potential benefits:
Flex time allows students to finish homework during school, and will allow those who are busy after school to make up things they have missed or have club meetings. It can also be used to get teacher help and do things such as writing conferences.

Flex time at Liberty:
Flex time will be coming when Liberty moves to a 7 period hybrid schedule. Students will need to be in some kind of classroom or location, and will be able to schedule where they go for each flex time day. Flex time will be held two times a week.

Potential drawbacks:
Some students may waste this built in time during the day instead of being productive. Students could also become reliant on flex time to do their homework, causing students to not do their homework other times.