Meet your 2019-2020 ASB Executive Board

The end of the year marks a pivotal time for the ASB class. The recently elected Associated Student Body Executive Board officers share their feelings heading into next year.

Ashtyn Sakamoto, Opinion Editor

President – Brett Roper
Q: How do you feel about being President and why did you want this position?

A: “I’m excited for the upcoming year. I think big things are coming. I really wanted to be more involved in the school and improve the culture.”

Vice President – McKaye Noel
Q: What are you most excited about for next year?

A: “I think next year is going to be great. I can’t wait for all of the school activities!”

Treasurer – Natalie Crouse
Q: In what ways will being on Executive Board next year differ from your experiences as a class officer?

A: “I’m honestly excited for more freedom within the program, which means I’ll be able to put more of my efforts into projects that I am passionate about.”

Secretary – Jasmine Le
Q: How do you feel about entering your final year of ASB and being an Executive officer?

A: “I’m excited to represent our school and be a voice for those both in the program and outside of it.”

Male Senator – Brandon Apostol
Q: What are you most enthusiastic about going into next year?

A: “I’m really excited to work with McKaye Noel. She’s my inspiration. There’s going to be new people, so that means new ideas and I feel like that will be cool to implement in our spirit.”

Female Senator – Ella Buono
Q: What made you want to be a part of the Executive Board?

A: “I wanted to be on Exec Board because it’s a larger leadership role I’ve always wanted and because I care about this school so much. I’m super excited to see where next year goes.”