Checking back in with the L’Cafe’s Restaurant Wars

Caitlyn Croppi, News Editor

You’ve heard the announcements, you’ve seen the lines: the L’Cafe is in full swing with their Restaurant Wars competition with a new theme every week for past two months, but how is it really doing?
“It has changed the L’Cafe into something I have hoped it would become. Not only is business booming, but I really see the change and confidence in my students,” chef Zarah Matsuda said.
Seeing an idea come to life and make a difference: that is what makes these students so excited, according to junior Emma Colton. Her hawaiian themed restaurant called “Little Ohana” was made 1,154.50 dollars, putting it in the middle of the competition. But to Colton, it wasn’t about winning.
“After high school, I want to pursue a culinary path, I don’t know in what form but I definitely need it to be a part of my life, so this project was great practice and really an eye-opener. There are so many decisions to make and so many things you have to plan that I never thought of before.”
Colton went on to talk how working in a group and constantly adjusting menu items has positively impacted her desire to continue working in a culinary career.
“I wouldn’t say it has discourged me, it just encouraged me more,” Colton said.
Because of the success of not only the restaurants but also the students’ development, Matsuda decided that next year the Restaurant Wars will be coming back, so stay tuned.