The Patriot Press guide to course selection

Course selection for the 2019-2020 school year opened Wednesday, March 27 and closes Friday, April 5. Choosing the right courses can be confusing so use this chart, your teachers, the counselors, and their website for help.



Mrs. Hafferty: “Get a solid foundation in math, as it will help you in other courses.”

Patrick Jarvis (12): “Put yourself in material that you aren’t necessarily comfortable in, but challenge yourself.”

What’s required: 3 years of math


Dr. Stephens: “Remember to keep a balance. Take something you think you’ll enjoy.”

Helen Le (12): “Consider your interests and how much effort you want to put into it when you are selecting your science course.”

What’s required: 3 (2 lab science) years

Social Studies

Mr. Darnell: “It depends on the student. It should be tailored to the individual interests.”

Arne Grette (12): “Choose what’s going to be the most interesting and have the best balance of work for you.”

What’s required: 4 years of history


Ms. Daughters: “English is important in all careers because it teaches career skills, like communication.”

Tatum Lindquist (12): “By learning to enjoy the literature that you read in class, you expand your horizons.”

What’s required: 4 years of literature

Fine Art

Mr. Tanner: “Well, all students take English, right? The same goes for music.”

Nic Hillard (12): “Find something you like, because band or art can be something to really look forward to. It’s a great break.”

What’s required: 4 semesters of art

World Language

Mrs. Maciel: “You should take more than two years. Your objective is to learn the language and use it as a tool!”

Johnny Cao (12): “Enjoy the language and keep going! Year 4 and 5 are really fun.”

What’s required: 2 years of the same language


Mrs. Matsuda: “All CTE classes are full of job skills that will carry across career fields.”

Logan Johnson (12): “It gives you the chance to explore other than what’s required and dive into your interests.”

What’s required: 1 semester of health, 2 of CTE, 3 of PE, 16 of other electives


Mrs. Cooke: “Challenge yourself, and take classes you find interesting!”

Elise Ferencz (12): “Take AP and Honors classes if you want to be surrounded by people who really care about the subject.”

What’s required: To go at a pace where you are successful