Q&A with Captain Deehr and Chief Spears


Emily Bassett, News Editor

Q: What happens at the Navy Ball?

D: We kick it off with a flag ceremony, and then we go into the history of the Navy and the original six frigates (ships in the US Navy), as well as the history of the marine corps. We then have a formal dinner and a dance. Before the event, we teach the cadets how to set a formal place setting, and how to perform in a formal event, which helps to prepare them for this event.


Q: What is the history behind the Navy Ball?

S: All services will celebrate their birthday, but we combine ours with the celebration of NJROTC as well through a formal dance and ceremony.
D: Our ball, though late in the year, is to celebrate the navy’s birthday in October. This year was its 243rd birthday.


Q: When did Navy Ball first begin at Liberty?

D: The balls have been going on as long as I’ve been here, and one of our assistant coaches (a parent) graduated from Liberty in 1992, and they had a ball every year. I’ve been to four navy balls now, and what is different about ours is that we have the cadets plan the entire event. All Chief Spears and I do is focus on the finances.


Q: What happens during the cake cutting ceremony?

S: There’s three slices of cake cut: one for the guest of honor, who this year was Officer Montalvo, there’s one for the oldest cadet, Captain Deehr, and one for the youngest cadet, Emily Lew. In this ceremony, the oldest cadet takes a slice of cake and passes it down to the youngest cadet to summarize the passing-on of knowledge.