Science Olympiad scores big at invitational

Bridget Ury, Photography Editor

“I thought that both of my build events were total garbage but it turns out that only one of them was total garbage,” junior Yegor Kuznetsov said about his mouse trap car at the most recent Science Olympiad invitational. “The mouse trap car actually worked quite well. It only had a small issue in it that caused us to not do quite as well as she could have. If it had worked fully, it could have gotten 4th place.”
Science Olympiad attended the Curtis Junior High Invitational January 12th, where they competed in groups in a variety of events. During competitions, groups of two or three students worked together in both build events and tests.
The team competed hard to earn the team 11th place overall, a high for the new club. Brooke Ury and Mehul Krishna won first place in the designer genes event and Tom Kirchhoffer and Misha Kuznetsov won second place in the circuit lab event.
“For regionals we are hoping to do a little better than we did at our last competition because there are a lot more teams and it is a little more serious. You have to be in the top ten to qualify for state. In our last invitational we placed 11th,” president and junior Hallie Chen said.
If you are interested in helping Science Olympiad as they move onto regionals, meetings are on Mondays at 3pm in room 5123.