The magic of DECA WRLC


Kelly Jinguji, Editor in Chief

To break from the hectic month of November, 11 Liberty DECA members hopped on a plane to LAX for a DECA conference in Anaheim, California for the Western Regional Leadership Conference (WRLC). From November 15-18, the Liberty DECA WRLC group spent time in leadership workshops, participating in mock business competitions, and going to Disneyland after lengthy days in leadership lectures.
“I learned new techniques for leadership and how to apply them in real life,” senior Public Relations Officer McKenzie King said. “One workshop addressed how to be a ‘Boss at Life,’ and it was beneficial because the keynote speaker emphasized the importance of goal-setting and self-confidence.”
Workshops ranged from how to kick-start a business to finding your own style of leadership, and WRLC attendees filled their days in training, gaining valuable insight into integral leadership assets and meeting other DECA members from all over the United States.
But it wasn’t just about business competition and leadership growth. WRLC also hosted its own interactive activities, one of them being a social media scavenger hunt called Goosechase. Sophomore Shristi Hamal pursued this challenge to its fullest potential.
“Throughout the scavenger hunt, I got to make memories with other chapter members,” Hamal said. “I filmed anything from slow-motion hair flips to playing air guitar with the people on the trip to gain points on Goosechase.”
And it paid off—Hamal finished in the Top 10 for the challenge by the end of the weekend. Other medallion recipients were King and juniors Vincent Ung and Elaine Kooiker for their top scores in the mock business competition.
“I was so surprised when I heard my name being announced,” Hamal said. “I ran up to the stage on the wrong side.”
Liberty DECA also visited Disneyland together, Fast-Passing its way through Mr. Incredible’s ride and Space Mountain at midnight.
“There’s nothing like Disneyland at night,” sophomore Media Officer Theo Koob said. “Things are always more fun when it’s late and you’re tired. I enjoyed the simple things like eating spaghetti at 11:30 at night together, when no one else was at the park. Moments like that brought us together.”
In total, the WRLC group feels closer than ever, and it hopes to take this feeling with it for the rest of the school year.
“We really came together on this trip, sharing a ton of laughs and good memories together,” Financial Officer Ung said. “I truly won’t forget how awesome this trip was for competition preparation, leadership growth, and team bonding.”