Q&A with the Technology Specialists:

Nick Vanni, Beyond Liberty Editor

Daniel Dang

Q: What four words would you use to describe yourself?

A: Introspective, resourceful, observant, and thorough

Q: What’s your go-to music genre?

A: K-Pop is my go-to music.

Q: What’s your most embarrassing moment?

A: When I admitted my go-to music genre was K-Pop.

Q: What was the hardest tech issue that someone’s brought to you at Liberty?

A: About one year ago on the way in to school, the digital display was blinking a single white dot. Mrs. Menezes had information to display and the sign was not performing as expected. For us, that is where the challenge began. The outdoor display was installed before either Benjamin or I started here at Liberty.
No one on site had any real knowledge as to how the sign was physically connected and networked. This is where we geek out. We traced wiring, found Radio Transmitters, breakers, configured software, reserved IPs, located POEs, contacted suppliers, upgraded hardware and software all while bonding with Mrs. Menezes who helped out so much communicating with the sign manufacturer.
I also enjoyed the opportunity to learn how to create content for the display.

Q: If you could teach the Liberty community one thing to make your job easier, what would it be?

A: It really helps when staff use SchoolDude. It keeps us organized and helps us prioritize.

Benjamin Hood

Q: What three things are most important to you in your life?

A: Faith, family, and friends.

Q: What is your favorite way to relax?

A: To enter a digital coma through television, movies, and or video games all while sharing the experience with family or friends.

Q: If you won the lottery what would you do with the winnings?

A: I would try my best to live a quiet, comfortable life, while finding unique and entertaining ways to engage with family and friends and pass on the blessings that came my way, back to others. I’d also pimp out my man cave.

Q: Who is your biggest role model and why?

A: I’m not sure why, but right now, my biggest role model would have to be the winner in the evenly matched, barred cage match, between Mrs. Schneider and Mr. level.

Q: What’s your most embarrassing moment?

A: The extremely violent, stress induced, bloody nose I had, shortly after I proposed to my wife, comes to mind.

Q: If you could teach the Liberty community one thing to make your job easier, what would it be?

A: When in doubt, restart.

Q: What was the smallest tech problem you’ve been called in for?

A: I’m just saying: Is it powered on?