Giving crafts a cause

Lilianne Harris, Beat Editor

Junior Mallory Hicks squints in concentration, making sure the thread is securely tied to its needle. This is the first step of many required to sew by hand, and arguably one of the most important.
But why, exactly, is she sewing? Craft club has one purpose, according to Hicks.
“We do it to help out people outside of Liberty,” she said. “It’s really fun and rewarding.”
As one of the founders of the club, she has worked on every project—from making cards to send to Seattle Children’s Hospital to sewing to decorating stockings for homeless children.
Their most recent project follows along the same lines of brightening people’s days: the club has begun knitting stuffed animals for the children’s hospital.
Hicks, who is co-president alongside junior Vincent Ung, started the club with charity as a secondary goal. Initially, it was just to get together and be creative outside of just drawing. Now, though, helping out others is just as important as making the crafts.
“I know if I got a happy card in the mail, it would make my day,” Hicks admitted.
Getting to hang out with your friends and be creative is still an important part of the club. It isn’t only about donating the crafts, but rather the process of learning how to sew, knit, or make calligraphy. After all, their service projects would be nonexistent without the will to make them.
By Christmas, the stockings will be sent out to the Forgotten Children’s Fund, an organization that works towards giving underprivileged families a good holiday season. Hicks is excited to have them send out.
“I realized that I want people—those in need—to get to enjoy the same experiences as me, and that’s why we donate everything we make,” Hicks said.