Teachers write book reviews

Emily Bassett, News Editor

We’ve all been there, frantically trying to print something in the library before the bell rings. However, few students take the time to look through the bookcases for something new to read. This holiday season, Mrs. Olsson and the book club plan to change that with a new addition to the bookcases: book reviews written by staff. Since book club writes all of the reviews for books, they thought that students would enjoy hearing from teachers instead.
“We’ve done things like this in the past, where we ask the staff to write reviews for the library. Book club and I thought it would be a fun addition to the holiday season,” Olsson said. “Students like to hear from teachers, so I tried to ask the ones that I hear most about. Hopefully, they will be more interested in reading.”
While not every teacher has the time to participate, many still are, as well as members of the administration.
“I actually recommended two even though I wasn’t one of the teachers originally given a book review form,” teacher Andrea Antrim said. “I think that other staff would be interested in doing this in the future. Many of us like to read and want to share that passion with our students.”
This year, Erin Armstrong, Dean of Students, was the member of the administration asked to write reviews.
“I think it can be interesting for students to hear about what their teachers are reading and get ideas from them. I would also love to hear more about what students are reading, so I can get their suggestions!” Armstrong said.
In addition to giving students a way to read books they may not have even considered before, it also helps teachers and staff gain new recommendations from students, a positive bonus.
“I think it is great for everyone to have opportunities to share what they are reading and learning with each other,” Armstrong said.
If you or a friend wants to check out the teacher’s reviews, they’re featured when you first walk into the library, right on Olsson’s desk.