Physettes invites girls to explore STEM

Caitlyn Croppi, News Editor

From making their own crime scene to diagnosing mental disorders, Physettes introduces STEM job opportunities to encourage female and non-binary Liberty students who are interested in it.
“Physettes started seven years ago. When I came as a freshman, the club wasn’t going to continue so I gathered some girls I knew who liked STEM and revived it with the help of our adviser, Mr. Buchli,” junior president Margaret Baumgartner said.
During their nine o’clock Wednesday morning meetings, the officers explain the lesson plan, according to sophomore treasurer Katie Shultz, and each week they focus on a different STEM job. The members split off into groups and start to work on the interactive activity. At the end of the meeting they come back together and discuss what they just did, how they enjoyed it, and the job field.
“I joined Physettes because I would like to go into aerospace engineering. I thought Physettes would help me reach that goal and set me apart during college applications,” junior secretary Olivia Van Ry said.