Jam Club is on the rise

Elise Sickinger, Backpage Editor

Liberty’s Jazz Band is a highly pursued class among students. While there’s no shortage of jazz lovers throughout the school, Jazz Band has always been exclusive—not merely to Band students, but to the best players of only traditionally jazz instruments. However, with the introduction of a new “Jam Club”, that’s about to change.
“It’s welcome to anybody who wants to play,” Jazz Band teacher Jared Tanner said. “Jazz Band class is an audition-only class, so if you don’t make it (or can’t fit it in your schedule), the club will be a place where anyone who can’t play jazz during the school day is able to.”
Tanner also added that he would like to see the club be student-run.
“I might help them choose the music a little bit, but I wouldn’t run it,” he said. “This might be a great place for some of the students in Jazz Band who have a lot of experience to take charge.”
While it’s still up in the air, Tanner plans for the Jam Club to be formed sometime in midwinter. In addition, he mentioned that Jam Club performances at Liberty are certainly a possibility.
“If you’re thinking about auditioning for Jazz Band, you should definitely try out the club,” Tanner finished.