New Vice Principal takes on Liberty

Naia Willemsen, Spotlight Editor

If you thought your summer job was a lot of work, imagine waking up every morning at 4:30 am, going into a giant freezer, and bagging and delivering ice for four hours.
Doesn’t sound too cool, does it?
It was a reality to Liberty’s new vice principal, Andrew Brownson, who spent the summer after his senior year working at an ice bagging plant.
“It was awful. I hated it…but I didn’t quit,” Brownson said.
That’s just the way of Mr. Brownson. The WSU football fan, fantasy football addict, and family man has worked for 12 years in education as an English teacher, athletic director, and vice principal.
Coming to Liberty after eight years of working at Skyline is a bit of an adjustment, but that’s exactly what Brownson wanted.
“I truly have enjoyed the change. I get a lot of ‘how is this different?’ and I’m like, who cares, we’re Liberty, I’m on Liberty right now,” Brownson said.
So far, Liberty has impressed him.
“There’s a uniqueness and a sense of community here that’s unique to Liberty, not that other high schools don’t have their own version of that, but Liberty’s is pretty cool,” Brownson said.
Brownson has big plans for Liberty this year. He’s a part of the new district-wide program, PBSES (Positive Behavior and Social Emotional Support). Starting in October, will join students and staff together to look at topics such as improving student connections with teachers. It will also work on promoting positive behavior and reducing disciplinary referrals.
Brownson is also looking forward to meeting and interacting with the students and staff of Liberty.
“I think I weird people out sometimes because I come up to tables and just start talking, but I don’t know how else to start making connections,” Brownson said.
Along with these connections come high expectations, however.
“I want students to know that I’m really and truly here for you, and I also think the world of you, but I have high expectations for you,” Brownson said. “If I ever do come across as coming down hard, or you’re wondering ‘why is he doing that?’ it’s because I think you’re worth it.”