Meet Officer Hale

Matthew Rubenstein, Online Editor

“Compared to the other schools I’ve been too, I would have to say the school spirit and the unity out here is just amazing,” LHS Police Officer Cindy Hale said.
This year at Liberty, we are having our own changing of the guard – quite literally. Officer Dave Montalvo has left, and we are now welcoming Officer Cindy Hale to LHS.
Hale grew up in Pennsylvania, and then spent four years in the Air Force before becoming a police officer. Hale started as a police officer in Arizona in late 2009, and spent six and a half years there on street duty. With a lot of experience as a police officer in Arizona, Hale came up to Washington, starting her street duty up here in March 2016. After two years on street duty, Hale became Liberty’s campus police officer. Liberty is Hale’s first location that isn’t street duty, and she really likes the atmosphere here at school.
“I love the school spirit, and the amount of energy that comes out of that, and everyone’s very pleasant. I am really impressed with the entire school and the student body,” Hale said.
Hale is looking forward to getting involved at Liberty, and she wants to start connecting with the students as well as the school in general. She loves the amount of different school activities, clubs, and sports at Liberty.
“I want to attend as many games, concerts, and other events as I can,” Hale said.
She also wants students to know that they should feel free to talk to her about anything, from sports to video games. She is really excited to learn more about Liberty and become a part of the community.
“This year, my goal is getting to know a lot of the students. I’m looking forward to getting involved as much as I can,” Hale said.
In addition to being Liberty’s resident police officer, Hale is also part of the King County Honor Guard, which is similar to Liberty’s Color Guard.