A new art club for new students

Nathan Jackson, Editor In Chief

Last year, Art Club was disbanded because its advisor, Annie Cooper, went on maternity leave. However, with her return (and students’ help), Art Club is back.

“We knew that we wanted Art Club back, so we got together and decided to get the word out,” senior Sophia Lindstrom said.

A hallmark of the ‘old’ Art Club was doing the same projects year after year. This year, however, Art Club is changing thing up.

“This year we want to try doing different things like drawing, sharing each other’s art, and valuing different styles,” Lindstrom said.

These projects are not chosen by Cooper, either. Art Club members can vote on what projects they want to see.

“We have different [projects] planned. We’re going to have drawing challenges and other projects depending on what people want,” junior Kaliah Antin said.

A recent project was called Mystery Box, and it really brought out students’ creativity.
“They got a box full of stuff and had to make a project out of it,” Cooper said.

Art Club is not just for Liberty’s elite artists. It’s open to everyone.

“If somebody can have their work in a modern art museum, I think people are capable of doing Art Club,’ Lindstrom said.