Gibson Ek: students building community

Emily Bassett, News Editor

In gloves, you sit on the ground, sorting through manure to find worms. You’re trying to figure out how better to prescribe antibiotics to deworm horses, because, much like humans, they become resistant to it. To most, this sounds disgusting. But for Gibson Ek Sophomore, Sophia Milan, this is a normal day.

At Gibson Ek, “weird” and “disgusting” projects are welcomed. They’re ways in which students explore what they love, and can range from creating a tile mural of all the students at Gibson Ek to 3-D printing a drone. At Gibson Ek, if you can dream it, you can do it.

“I love seeing the projects out in the community the most,” Advisor Tonja Reischl says. “They all make such a large impact in their communities in ways I had never imagined.”

In addition to being a large part of the communities they live in, Gibson Ek students are hard at work creating a community of their very own at school.

“We’re already seeing positive changes in our community towards being a super-cohesive student body.” ASB President Evon Mahesh says. “Gibson Ek is such an amazing school. Incredible things are happening in its second year, and I am so proud of everything our amazing students and staff have done.”